Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June-September 2009

Hunter 31-34 months
Garrett 17-20 months

Summertime... this was a change as it is the first hot summer the boys have experienced. We have done some fun things.... We went to Kemah and Hunter loved the fish and the train, well that is an understatement. He is passionate about the train and cries when it is time to get off. He actually became frightened when it stopped, like "Oh no what happened." Garrett just thought the whole trip was exciting. His little eyes taking in everything and pointing and babbling on about all of the sights. We went swimming alot, went to the beach, played at the park, took evening walks, took hunter fishing (several times) and just took in the family time we could. Wow it was a long summer and I'm behind on posting! We all stressed as Daddy took his big test and by the way, He did well!! Hunters big challenges were working on speech, which in August, he just took off by putting all of these 'big boy" sentences together. The other major thing was sharing with brother which is getting better, but still a work in progress. As for the potty, well lets just say its on hold. We were doing well until Daddy put a big chunk of hair from Ace's bath into the toilet and Hunter thought it was a big black bug and had a little panic attack while in a hurry to potty. He is terribly afraid of bugs, I know its quite contrary to the little outdoorsman he is. But I must add a funny story so I dont foreget.... Hunter gets treats for going potty and he was really wanting a treat. So he decided he needed to potty and we are sitting in the bathroom. Hunter is straining and looking down and straining some more, then he looks down at it and looks at me and says "broken mommy broken!" It was too cute!! One of my favorite moments as a mom so far!! As for Mr. Garrett's big hurdle this summer, it was climbiing and boy did we get it down!! Garret can now climb out of his baby bed, up onto the kitchen counter, up onto the dinig room table, and of course into all of the beds in the house. He scares Mommy and Daddy but he thinks its great! We enjoy watching him but are really nervous at the same time. He is also having fun talking, counting, giving five, blowing kisses and clapping for himself! He is truly a silly and busy boy.

Our greatest family time was at the end of the summer when we went to the deer lease in Junction. The boys loved the deer, the dirt and rocks, and most importantly the Llano river. We swam on the last day and had a blast! Hunter went down the river with Daddy in a life jacket, Ace too, and Garrett waded with mommy in the rock pools and floated down the first shoot once with mommy also. It was nice to relax in the beutiful place and just be a family with no distractions. It was the perfect closing to our summer. (Pictures to follow soon)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking back on Mother's Day 2009

May 2009

Since May is the month we celebrated mother's day and I'm updating the past month, I feel it is important to reflect back and tell my little ones how special they are to me, their mother.

Hunter... You are mommy's big boy. You are always daring, bold, confident, and willing to learn and help with anything. We have our struggles, as with any two year old who is independent, but these are all part of growing up. You are so naturally gifted and excell at everything you do. Most importantly you are so loving and sweet. You have been that way since you were born with that beautiful happy smile, and big cuddly hug and snuggle of yours. I love to hear your sweet little voice when you tell mommy"need a hug" or "Love You." You are my oldest child, my firstborn and you have a special place in mommy's heart. I am honored that the Lord chose me to be your mother. Thank you for being such a joy and I hope you know mommy loves you soo much!

Garrett... You are mommy's babyboy. When you came along we had no idea what to expect, and yet you are such a Blessing. You have a sweet and kindhearted nature that was apparent from the day you arrived. Your uncle Sean said it well, "the gentle giant." Like your brother, you have a smile and a giggle that can melt anyone's heart. I love it when you hold your arms up and want to be held, and then you lay your head down on my shoulder, or when you come over and just want to sit with me just to let me know you love me. I also love it when you bring me things and sit down in my lap for me to show you how to play with it. It is a pleasure to watch you with your gentle little spirit as you grow. You make being your mommy a true joy and I love you with all of my heart little man.

Spring into Summer.....2009

May 2009

Hunter 30 Months
May was a fun month for the boys as the weather became perfect for being outside. Hunter is ALL BOY! He has just become our wonderful little man in so many ways. I feel like I need to stop and write so much down so that I don't forget. First of all.... we started fishing like a big boy AND watching fishing with daddy on TV, which is preferred over disney and other past favorites. He will go fishing with the big guys and stay out for hours, or as long as his daddy will let him, and he is heartbroken when its over. He is what his daddy calls "dedicated." These days he is also enjoying throwing the ball daily with mommy and daddy. We are working on catching it, but it is a work in progress. He can throw very well though! Hunter has also enjoyed swimming, as we took our first swim at Aunt Leatha's this summer. He wears a lifejacket and will swim all over the pool and jump in like a big boy. He likes to work with Daddy on jumping in without the lifejacket and they hold their breath underwater for a few seconds before coming up. However, he tried it without dad once and it didn't work too well, not quite ready there big guy! It was daddy to the rescue and Hunter was oh so thankful. Hunter has also become Aaron's handy helper in the yard. They work out in the yard about twice a week: mowing, weed eating, picking up limbs, fertilizing, pulling weeds and whatever needs to be done he helps. He helps in the house too: laundry, sweeping, throwing away trash, picking up toys and washing his hands afterwards. Hunter's biggest challenge this month has been his speech. We have had ECI come and help him with the "big sounds" that small children have trouble with. He is working on S, P, B, and M. He says the names of several objects as we read books together and he is doing quite well. We are also saying goodbye to Mr. Pacifier, as he is no help with our words. That is tough since little brother still has one, but he is handling it like a champ for the Big Two. Hunter is also working on sharing and being nice to brother. This can be a challenge at two when everything is "mine." Being nice includes all of our manners such as: please, thank you, yes mam and sir, and I'm sorry. Some of his other loves are trains and puppies and spending time with dad, as they are best buddies. He is mommy's "cuddle bug" also known as "snuggle bug", because he likes to snuggle up to my hair. He often says "mommy lay down, " and then says "hair." It is extremely sweet and heart melting. He likes to grab his books and read at night and put his hands together to pray when laying down. We are so proud of our little man as he is learning so much each and every day.

Garrett 16 Months
This month has been loads of fun for little man Garrett as well. He is becoming more busy each and everyday. Garrett's days start with eating a very hearty breakfast of whatever mommy and daddy fix, while watching a favorite cartoon ( mickey mouse, pooh, elmo). He eats every last bite, as he needs to feed all 31lbs of himself! After breakfast he emptys the toy box and toy cabinet. Everything has to be out as he moves from toy to toy to experiment in how they move and what all can be done with them. This "toy experimenting" is everyday, and he really likes anything that moves or has wheels. Garrett is also running alot this month. He has really taken off and can move fast. He chases Hunter, Boo and Ace, Mommy and most importantly Daddy. This is Daddy and Garrett's favorite game, Chase! They run up and down the hall and into the living area until they collapse and there are giggles the whole way. Another important accomplishment this month is dancing to music. He does the same "bounce" that Hunter does, and its pretty funny! After dancing running and playing in the morning time he is usually ready for a snack and nice long nap. Yeah! Mommy and Daddy are tired too. In the afternoon he has similar activities maybe adding a walk, or trip to the park, or just playing outside with the family. He loves to be outside and loves to explore the grass, the dirt, and anything in it. In the evening its dinner, bath, and bedtime with lots of cuddles and giggles. He likes to sleep in his bed like a big boy and he does not like anyone to sleep with him or wake him up, like mommy! In all, he is growing so much and adding to his vocabulary daily as he jabbers on throughout the day with: Dada, Uh-Oh, Mama, thank you, ooh, and points to all of the other things with his cute little hands as he tries to say the words. He loves his brother and will try to play ball, play cars, read brother's books, or color with him whenever he can. He is also quite fond of Boo and Ace giving them hugs and pats during the day. Mommy and Daddy get lots of loving when he takes a break to curl up in our lap and lay his down for a brief moment of rest. There is so much changing everyday as he learns and grows into a little boy.

Looking Back.....Spring 2009

April 2009
Hunter 29 months
Garrett 15 months


I'm going to share our Easter since it came with some firsts for the boys....
Hunter was the little egg stealer this year. He was not super interested last year, as he was 19 months old, in anything but the chocolate. This year no one was going to get more eggs than him. It was extemely interesting to see his competitive nature already at two years of age, yeah sports here we come! He ran from egg to egg until his basket overflowed and then he was forced to stop to put them all back in. It was quite fun for mommy as he just beemed at his accomplishment and overflowing basket.

Little Garrett was quite happy to hunt eggs for the first time as he walked patiently from egg to egg, bending down diligently and examining the egg before he placed it in his basket. He seemed to get the idea very well for his first hunt, as he had big brother to follow. His easter egg hunting seemed to be more driven by curiousity as to what exactly these colorful little eggs were doing everywhere, but he like picking them up and knew that they went in the basket. It was quite adorable to watch him as he walked along with his basket nearly touching the ground and eggs falling out along his path. Next he would look at the ground where they spilled, sit down, and put them all back in. This was not a fast race for him, but surely a cute one to watch.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Journey....

March 2009
Hunter 28 Months
Garrett 14 Months

Where we are in our journey of life.... I graduated nursing school in December 2004 and Aaron graduated from the Houston Fire Academy in May 2005. Aaron and I were married on July 23 of 2005. We were adjusting to married life when we learned in March of 2006 that we were going to be parents. In May of 2006 we actually received our first baby, our mini- snauchzer named Boo. As this was a great prep to becoming parents.

Our first baby boy Hunter Lance Heath arrived on November 6, 2006, and life as we knew it was changed forever. The love of parenthood is one so fulfilling there are no words to possibly describe it. The next few months were spent adjusting to diapers and bottles. There was almost no crying for us as Hunter was a "PERFECT" baby. We had been truly blessed. Aaron accepted fatherhood so graciously and there is nothing sweeter than Hunter and Daddy. As for me, motherhood was the most challenging but yet rewarding job I could have ever imagined. It is truly a privilege that God has allowed us to be parents to this wonderful little being.

Our next surprise was one we couldn't have imagined. In May of 2007 we learned we would become parents for the second time, quite a shock to be so soon, we know! God has a beautiful way of blessing you even if at the time you don't realize it. With lots of planning and moving and waiting for the perfect house, stress took a toll and the next eight months were a great challenge. Aaron and I have to thank the Lord for this time that we endured, as it only brought us closer to eachother and to the Lord.

On January 15, 2008 came our second baby boy Garrett James Heath. He is truly a joyful addition to our family. We went quickly back into diapers and bottles and lots of laundry and little bits of sleep. Although, we honestly cannot complain as the Lord had given us another wonderful baby. While awaiting our home, we spent time with our new little angel and watched Hunter grow into the role of big brother. These life steps were huge for our litttle Hunter as he learned to share mommy and daddy with little Garrett. He is still working each day at exactly how to be a big brother since he took on this role as a baby himself, at just over a year. In February of 2008, we finally moved into the home we chose to start our family in, and what a process this was with two babies. This first year in our home with our two baby boys was a huge time of growth for Aaron and I and our family.

Throughout the past year Hunter has grown immensely and continued to adjust to being a big brother. He checks in on Garrett and even crawls into the crib and playpen for some "brother time". Aaron and I will hear giggling and find Hunter in Garrett's bed a little while after we put them down, as Hunter loves to make Garrett laugh. He also likes to bring him diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and help mommy and daddy with these things as well. Not only is he adjusting to Garrett, he is learning to do big boy things such as play ball, play cars, ride tricycles, do puzzles, draw, color, sing, dance,FISH, brush his teeth, (we're working on the potty) say his prayers and expand his vocabulary daily. Such a busy big boy he is! Throughout this year Garrett has grown from newborn, to wiggler, to crawler, to walker, to great explorer. He is extremely curious and can leave nothing untouched in the house. It is all for his own fun for certain! He never misses a meal, as he loves food and is quite a healthy boy. He also thinks that Hunter is just wonderful and it is so much fun to watch them now that they can play together. As for Mom and Dad, we have learned to clean, do laundry, cook, change diapers, laugh, cry, and dance all at the same time, haha. Maybe not quite, but pretty close!!

As we start the spring of 2009 our boys are one and two and growing leaps and bounds everyday. Aaron and I have learned to enjoy them and to set aside some time for eachother as well. Aaron added his very own labrador, Ace, to our family this month and now the house is quite full. We pretty much work and play with our babies and dogs. The Lord has Blessed us and I thank him each day for our beautiful home and family.