Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June-September 2009

Hunter 31-34 months
Garrett 17-20 months

Summertime... this was a change as it is the first hot summer the boys have experienced. We have done some fun things.... We went to Kemah and Hunter loved the fish and the train, well that is an understatement. He is passionate about the train and cries when it is time to get off. He actually became frightened when it stopped, like "Oh no what happened." Garrett just thought the whole trip was exciting. His little eyes taking in everything and pointing and babbling on about all of the sights. We went swimming alot, went to the beach, played at the park, took evening walks, took hunter fishing (several times) and just took in the family time we could. Wow it was a long summer and I'm behind on posting! We all stressed as Daddy took his big test and by the way, He did well!! Hunters big challenges were working on speech, which in August, he just took off by putting all of these 'big boy" sentences together. The other major thing was sharing with brother which is getting better, but still a work in progress. As for the potty, well lets just say its on hold. We were doing well until Daddy put a big chunk of hair from Ace's bath into the toilet and Hunter thought it was a big black bug and had a little panic attack while in a hurry to potty. He is terribly afraid of bugs, I know its quite contrary to the little outdoorsman he is. But I must add a funny story so I dont foreget.... Hunter gets treats for going potty and he was really wanting a treat. So he decided he needed to potty and we are sitting in the bathroom. Hunter is straining and looking down and straining some more, then he looks down at it and looks at me and says "broken mommy broken!" It was too cute!! One of my favorite moments as a mom so far!! As for Mr. Garrett's big hurdle this summer, it was climbiing and boy did we get it down!! Garret can now climb out of his baby bed, up onto the kitchen counter, up onto the dinig room table, and of course into all of the beds in the house. He scares Mommy and Daddy but he thinks its great! We enjoy watching him but are really nervous at the same time. He is also having fun talking, counting, giving five, blowing kisses and clapping for himself! He is truly a silly and busy boy.

Our greatest family time was at the end of the summer when we went to the deer lease in Junction. The boys loved the deer, the dirt and rocks, and most importantly the Llano river. We swam on the last day and had a blast! Hunter went down the river with Daddy in a life jacket, Ace too, and Garrett waded with mommy in the rock pools and floated down the first shoot once with mommy also. It was nice to relax in the beutiful place and just be a family with no distractions. It was the perfect closing to our summer. (Pictures to follow soon)